Guffman as fashion accessory

Unbelievable as it may be, but here in Provincetown Black Labs are fashion accessories. The town boasts a number of Labrador Retriever owners but especially with a “Black Dog Martha’s Vineyard” store here – it is the Black Labrador that becomes the equivalent of the fashionable Upper East Side poodle. Everyone walks around with Black Dog bags and sweatshirts and if you actually have a black dog attached to a leash, people will stop, pet and coo.

Of course, Guffman has a small head. It is a pinhead. We’ve determined that his height (very tall) and small head is attributed to him begin part Doberman or Shepard or something. So when people stop and pet him thinking they are petting an original Black Dog, after a second or two they hesitate and seem to think “Wait a minute! This is a fake!” Many people ask if he is 100% Lab. I tell them I don’t know since I really don’t want to ruin for them the authentic experience of petting a Black Dog on Cape Cod (even though the original Black Dog store is on Martha’s Vineyard). More photos of our little fashionable canine in his element can be found below.

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