Leave Continued

Good news all. I have arrived back in Provincetown and my Mom’s health has improved. The doctors have determined that her episodes, which mimicked TIA’s or mini strokes, are actually hypoglycemic events. With an approved Diabetic meal plan and a check in with a visiting nurse my Mom should be back on track.

It was odd to spend so much time back in my childhood home. Although the town has new suburban developments and has grown, it has the same personality. Above is a photo of empty booths at the Clinton Friendly’s restaurant. I ate lunch there one time during my visit. As a child, my family went to this Friendly’s restaurant all the time, especially after Little League baseball games. The kids from all different teams would sit at what was a counter with stools and order up a Jim Dandy, or the newly introduced Reeses Pieces Sundae which in the early 80’s was created based on the popularity of the treat from the movie E.T.

Friendly’s is also the restaurant that my brother worked which in high school. He worked there exactly 3 shifts and realized flipping burgers and serving black raspberry ice cream cones (my personal Friendly favorite) was not for him – he soon transitioned as a student teller in the local bank. Today, he is a big shot accountant at some company.

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