Overheard at the beach

Below are lines actually spoken by beach goers yesterday at Herring Cove Beach while I was there yesterday. The lines below are obviously taken out of context since they were snippets listened to while people past my beach chair, ran by me or shouted across the sand. This being Family Week in Provincetown, there are lots of strollers, children and worried parents everywhere.

“We’ve been know to do aquatic exercises together”

“There’s about a dozen ears of corn I should cook tonight. Fuck it, let’s go out.”

“Who’s the baby? Who’s the baby? Who’s the baby?” (this went on relentlessly for a half hour).

“How many underwears did you bring? Two? Three?”

“I could go for beer”

“I could go for a bong”

“Listen, you are asking for a commitment. I am not that person…Let’s swim.”

Girl: I think I see a shark
Mother: That’s not a shark, that’s your Mother

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