Old Friends, Old Places, Old Songs

On Wednesday evening, I had prepared some humor material for an advertised open mike called “Make Me Laugh, Bitch!” hosted by some chick from Last Comic Standing. I went to the Crown Cabaret only to discover an empty room. I asked the bartender about the open mike which was promoted to run through September. He said after 2 shows it was a bust and then canceled it at the end of June. Oh well. I ventured into the Karaoke show at the Wave Video bar which is a throw back bar from the early nineties playing old music videos on screens throughout the bar. The show is hosted by a drag queen named Scarbie.

As I sat there thumbing through the song list, in walks two friends from 14 years ago. Cliff Hopkins and Todd Tiexera (sp? – Todd please let me know – I have always gotten the sp wrong). It was surreal, because when we hung out together it was during the early nineties at we used to frequent a very similar video bar called Luxor in Bay Village Boston.

After some drinks they convinced me to go up and sing. They chose the song – Babe from Styx. I sang it like a rock star. Poor Scarbie – whose job usually taking cardboard stiff Kaorioke wanna-be’s and spicing it up a little with background antics, found my own antics to be a little overwhelming and retrested into the background. Thanks Scarbie!

2 Responses to Old Friends, Old Places, Old Songs

  1. Scarbie says:

    Oh Tod, what can I say??? Your theatrical and energetic interpretation of BABE was beyond compare!! There was nothing I could add to the moment. Sometimes I just have to step back and let the Gods of Karaoke reign! I remember you well. The crowd was awestruck.
    Babe, I’m leavin’…..xox Scarbie.

  2. Scarbie says:

    William…I meant William…Not Tod!!!

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