A piece of Harlem in Ptown

Cape Cod Chicken Bone

Originally uploaded by wmullin

Just when I thought Guff and I were safe from the chicken bones usually scattered by the dozens on any Harlem street, we find this. A chicken bone discarded in the parking lot of our summer rental in Provincetown. I couldn’t believe it, and if I hadn’t been in the habit of watching Guffman like a hawk all these years it would have been down his trap.

Guffman actually had a double take like “Huh? Here? Man, my daddy is getting ripped off with this rental price. We could have stayed in Harlem for the summer”

To be fair and honest the chicken bone was in proximity to the garbage and recycling cans near our parking lot for the condos. Of course, I am writing this because it makes me feel better to think there is another explanation for this.

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