Back in New York

Well this is my first entry since coming home from Provincetown. And to make it extra hard I am attempting to update the blog with an iPhone. The keyboard on this thing is insane. I am performing on Monday evening as john McCain at an Obamathon rally and check the dailymccain this week as I have Sarah palin join the vlog.

I must say I love fall in NYC. The noise is taking some getting used to muh like this friggin keyboard. I feel like john McCain trying to figure of new technology. For instance the above word “figure” took me 5 minutes to type because the software was adamant about guessing I wanted to type fugue. It must be so happy now that I actually typed in yw wow fugue, in fact I think the iphone just gave a small sigh.

Well check back for more shows I plan to do in the fall. And join us at the Obamathon rally on Monday! (Ps – photo taken at an overpriced vegan cafe in the west village)

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