New York State Post Offices Assuming Passage of Gay Marriage Billse


Mail is being successfully delivered to gay couples homes across New York State as a result of the post office’s assumption of the passage of the same-sex marriage bill expected to be introduced by Governor Patterson on Thursday. Mail addressed as “Mr. and Mrs.” have been delivered to gay couples’ homes in the past few weeks.

“Well, we just thought it was a matter of time. And besides, our carriers are more comfortable delivering mail that reflects traditional family names. We don’t do too well with hyphens,” said Post Master General Herb Connelly.

“I don’t understand why it can’t be Mr. and Mrs. Spletzer?” stated a shocked Phil Spletzer, partner of William Mullin who has been receiving mail addressed using Mullin’s surname. “I have a woodshop.”

William Mullin stated, “What this means is the post office has good insight into gay homes. Phil usually cooks and I do the dishes.”

If the same-sex marriage bill fails, the post office expects a return to sending gay couples individual pieces of junk mail, ignoring their cohabitation.

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