Recession Marks Upturn in Shopping Cart Stripping

Ah. Remember the 1970’s?  The sight of automobiles scattered along an avenue, stripped of everything?  Automobiles since then have adapted with alarm technology making it harder to get away with what was such a common practice. Now, during this current recession, Harlemites are left practicing this sentimental ritual on shopping carts.

This one, a premier brand new 2009 Pathmark, was found on Edgecombe Ave. stripped of everything including the coveted “Pathmark” logo – the Mercedes Benz of shopping cart logos.

“It’s just nice to still participate and teach my sons how we did it then, ” says long time car thief Bernice Jacobs.

“No need for cinder blocks, no jail time, and it don’t hurt no one.”

2 Responses to Recession Marks Upturn in Shopping Cart Stripping

  1. anon says:

    There was one in my building entry way between the double doors. Sigh! Just imagine how bad it would be if most of the carts didn’t have the auto-lock wheels. I can’t even deal with that Pathmark anymore. Once they closed that Pioneer on 7th it got really bad. For some reason they can never get the WIC checks and rain checks entered without a manager.

  2. jenlcriswell says:

    Hooray! A new post…it’s about frickin’ time! 🙂

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