Eunice Kennedy Shriver’s Washington Post Obit written in 2006 – by a dead woman.

I don’t have to write a parody about this one folks. This morning while reading through my news feeds I happened upon the Washington Post’s obituary of Eunice Kennedy Shriver. An amazing woman and quite a nicely worded obit too. Then I got to the end. It said: This obituary was prepared in advance by former Washington Post obituaries editor J.Y. Smith, who died in 2006.


I always knew papers prepared obituaries ahead of time (remember the big CNN web fiasco a few years ago?), but my question is if the dead people are writing about dead people, who’s writing about the people who are writing about the dead people? And I guess another question is how old does a celebrity have to be for a writer to begin an obituary? I’m starting Harrison Ford’s today!

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