Creepy Robotic Mail Cart Still Terrorizing New Jersey Office Park Workers


So I was at a meeting in a lovely office park in NJ and when a colleague and I left the conference room to go home we were confronted by “Hugh Got Mail” – a conductorless train carrying trays of mail for the company’s employees. I’ve never seen something so creepy before. It traveled down the desolate hallways with a steady beeping to let cubicle workers know their mail had arrived.

Obviously this “modern” mailman was brought on board in the 90’s judging from the AOL reference in the name. Although the cart travels slowly, it does not stop for anything or anyone as is displayed in the photo below where an employee tries to chase the mail train and grab their mail before it is too late.

The face on this thing really is creepy. I’ve had nightmares for the past 3 nights.




3 Responses to Creepy Robotic Mail Cart Still Terrorizing New Jersey Office Park Workers

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  2. Stacey says:

    I am laughing so hard right now because I was trying to explain to my friends today about how hilarious (and odd) I thought “Hugh” Got Mail is. One of them asked me to go take a pic of it, but I walked 2 miles around our massive office trying to find him to no avail so she googled and found this!!!!! I bet this is where I work (sometimes). I am dying know. LOL

  3. Deena Urabe says:

    Ha ha ha ha… Very funny. I liked it a lot.

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