Worse Election Poster Of The Year

When you want people to know your qualifications and name in a NYC election, perhaps a “Wanted Dead or Alive” theme isn’t the best choice for your poster. – especially when you really commit to looking miserable in your “mugshot”

Obviously Julius Tajeddin is oblivious or possibly insensitive that the most famous “Wanted Dead or Alive” reference in recent memory was that of George Bush referring to…Bin Laden! This is supposed to secure votes?

Mr. Tajeddin has covered West Harlem with these posters. The last time “Wanted” posters covered the neighborhood was only a few weeks ago for a rapist preying on Hamilton Heights women.

So, so far he has reminded people of a terrorist and a rapist. Who is this guy’s political strategist? The rapist has been caught, yet a few wanted posters from the police remain on light poles. Perhaps people will confuse the two posters and turn this political hack in for distasteful electioneering.

One Response to Worse Election Poster Of The Year

  1. 509 Media says:

    LOL yeah it seems hard to believe someone would post an election poster saying wanted dead or alive in NYC. I have visited NYC many times over the years. New Yorkers know how to have a good time and how to have a good laugh, but come does this guys really think this is a good way to win votes. Does make for a good laugh. haha

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