Woman Really Named “Muffy” – Stereotyped As Rich Bitch

Muffy is an actual name. It ls not just from 1980’s yuppieploitation films. Just ask our waitress who’s name was printed on the check at the end of the meal.

Muffy Vanderweir thought waitressing was a survival job during college but the Bryn Marr college alum cannot find a job outside the restaurant where she started almost 6 years ago.

“I go on interviews and when they open my resume and see my name they don’t think I need a job. They ask me questions like ‘how’s Daddy?’

Everyone thinks my boyfriend is named Biff. It’s not. His name is Frank.”

Doubly cursed with blonde hair and a bubbly cheerleader-like personality, Muffy says many people assume she gossips, drives a Mercedes, and is out to steal every girl’s boyfriend.

“I’m middle class, I take public transportation and am in a committed relationship!”, says Muffy.

When asked what they thought of Muffy, her coworkers at the restaurant answered – “is she that Rich Bitch that slums it here?”

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