Wait Is Finally Over For Thomas Jefferson’s Avatar

Jefferson in 1802 as President and on Sunday accepting his Golden Globe

Looking more modern and alive than what Americans are used to, Thomas Jefferson on Sunday night accepted the Golden Globe Best Picture for his film Avatar –  a project he first thought up in 1801 at Monticello but had to wait 209 years for technology to catch up before releasing it.

“Modern day conveniences like electricity, recorded sound, photography, indoor plumbing, and the automobile all had to be invented before I could make this film”, said the nation’s third president and one of its founding fathers.

Originally written as a stage play set in France about peasants with tails, Jefferson changed it to a science fiction film in the early 1900’s. Lillian Gish was originally cast as Neytiri, but Jefferson delayed production with countless rewrites and concept changes.

“It was 200 years of self-sabotage,” says Jefferson describing the development process. “Every time a new technology, like a flashbulb or blue make-up, allowed me to complete my film, I came up with something else not invented.”

Jefferson’s 1941 contract with 20th Century Fox included a strict due date of 2010 for film release.

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