Pat Robertson blames Moscow subway tragedy on Ricky Martin

Is this the face of evil?

Today, Pat Robertson blamed the terrible Moscow subway terrorist attack on Ricky Martin, saying the Latin pop singer’s coming out caused a spontaneous gay combustion in one of the world’s most crowded and latently homosexual areas.

“Mr. Martin’s big gay penis and ass just exploded when he came out and it was felt right on the Moscow subway trains,” said Pat Robertson during a taping of his show The 700 club.

“Russia is literally exploding with homosexuals,” added the conservative preacher. “All those billionaires dressing well and Living La Vida Loca, it was bound to happen”

Robertson pointed out that countries like Uganda, with its history of war, drought, epidemics and misery was not affected by the pop singer’s coming out because he said “as a Christian nation they have put forward the measures to stop homosexual behavior. Now if we can just get them out of the fuckin’ trees.”

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