Working with Jane Lynch

So last Monday, May 21st were the 2012 Fifi Awards, the Fragrance industry’s Oscars. They hired Jane Lynch to host the award show at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tulley Hall. My good friend and comedian/writer Chris Doucette and I were hired and teamed together to write the opening monologue and wrap-up bits for Jane. It was a great time. Jane is a wonderful professional to work with. Her opening monologue was well received with two applause breaks after our punch lines. In fact, a lot of our jokes made it to the press. The evenings celebrity presenters, which included Martha Stewart, Josh Groban, Chaka Khan, and Nicole Richie complimented Jane on how funny she was in her opening. I guess we did our job!

A few photos here show us backstage where we reviewed what Chris and I tweaked to reflect events of the night, and worked on some wording with Jane. A great collaborative effort.

We hope to get another chance to work with Jane. We love her style and energy on the screen. I think we’d make a great team. 🙂

Revising script with Jane, backstage of Alice Tulley Hall

Jane cracking up at our proposed joke for the wrap up monologue. We didn’t use it. (Too risqué).

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