Packed Crowd at Covo for November Show

November 27, 2011

Me and headliner Leah Bonnema after the show.

Had a great line-up for November and word must have spread. Standing room only at Covo on Sunday night. Thanks to all the comics, our DJ (The Legendary Chris Washington), and the staff at Covo Trattoria. Also, thanks to supporter Harlem Bespoke. Check out their site of events, history and architecture in Harlem. We’ll be back on Sunday, Jan 29th 2012 – see you then!

Sean Donnelly at Covo.

Andrea Mezvinsky killing it.

Mark Normand entertaining the Covo crowd.

Headliner Leah Bonnema getting all sassy and fresh with the Harlemites.

Me warming up the crowd.

The Legendary Chris Washington as his Legendary self at Covo!

Covo Standing Room Only March Show Rocks

April 2, 2011

The gang after the show. (from left - Shawn Hollenbach, Chris Doucette, Selena Coppock, William Mullin, Hilary Schwartz, and Ted Alexandro)

Last Sunday’s show had an amazing line-up including Shawn Hollenbach from HereTV, Logo, Comedy Central, Selena Coppock, Hilary Schwartz, and the headline Ted Alexandro from Late Night with David Letterman, Conan, and Craig Ferguson. Below are some photos of the event. Join us next month on April 17th for another outstanding show!

The Legendary spinning some awesome tunes!

Shawn warms up the show

Selena entertaining the crowd with her stories

Hilary not hiding anything! Especially her amazing jokes!

Enjoying the show