New Video – The Suspicious Package

May 17, 2010

Got a great new video starring my dog Guffman. If you have seen The Hurt Locker you will understand a lot of the references.

Ptown Trash

September 23, 2008

Picking up problem

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Well, in Ptown the biggest effrontery involves inconsiderate individuals who leave waste bags under someone’s waterfront dock. Oh, the humanity! At least it is in a bag and sort of disposed of. Unlike other places where the dog crap isn’t even touched.

A piece of Harlem in Ptown

August 5, 2008

Cape Cod Chicken Bone

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Just when I thought Guff and I were safe from the chicken bones usually scattered by the dozens on any Harlem street, we find this. A chicken bone discarded in the parking lot of our summer rental in Provincetown. I couldn’t believe it, and if I hadn’t been in the habit of watching Guffman like a hawk all these years it would have been down his trap.

Guffman actually had a double take like “Huh? Here? Man, my daddy is getting ripped off with this rental price. We could have stayed in Harlem for the summer”

To be fair and honest the chicken bone was in proximity to the garbage and recycling cans near our parking lot for the condos. Of course, I am writing this because it makes me feel better to think there is another explanation for this.

Guffman as fashion accessory

July 20, 2008

Unbelievable as it may be, but here in Provincetown Black Labs are fashion accessories. The town boasts a number of Labrador Retriever owners but especially with a “Black Dog Martha’s Vineyard” store here – it is the Black Labrador that becomes the equivalent of the fashionable Upper East Side poodle. Everyone walks around with Black Dog bags and sweatshirts and if you actually have a black dog attached to a leash, people will stop, pet and coo.

Of course, Guffman has a small head. It is a pinhead. We’ve determined that his height (very tall) and small head is attributed to him begin part Doberman or Shepard or something. So when people stop and pet him thinking they are petting an original Black Dog, after a second or two they hesitate and seem to think “Wait a minute! This is a fake!” Many people ask if he is 100% Lab. I tell them I don’t know since I really don’t want to ruin for them the authentic experience of petting a Black Dog on Cape Cod (even though the original Black Dog store is on Martha’s Vineyard). More photos of our little fashionable canine in his element can be found below.

My First Week in Ptown – Bring on da Bears

July 18, 2008

Bears gathered around a camp fire

First week I just gathered my thoughts and began to immerse myself into Ptown culture – which changes by the theme week. The week I arrived coincided with Bear Week. A week dedicated to the furry, chubby, masculine men who love to hug, cuddle and kiss each other. Next week is Family Week. In fact, the Norwegian Dawn is docked in Ptown harbor waiting to unload tons of children with their 2 mommies and 2 daddies in tow. I did not become a bear this past week, and I doubt I will become a parent this week.

Below are a couple of videos – one from Neil Thorton, a friend of mine and a bear, who let us know about this amazing bonfire on the beach a few nights ago. The sunset was amazing and his juggling skills kept us entertained after the sun went down.

We also saw some adorable seals during our bonfire on Race Point. Bears have nicknames for other type of guys who hang around bears – cubs, otters, etc. Seals are not officially a named species of bear friend. Perhaps that will change after our experience with them this week. Here is a video of them and their bobbing heads right off the coast.