William on Closet Cases Podcast! Hear My Coming Out Story.

December 17, 2009

I am on the latest episode of the Closet Cases Podcast. I tell my coming out story which includes telling my Mom and her dog Frisbee that I am gay during Easter 1994. Click here to go iTunes and find the podcast!

If you don’t have iTunes – welcome to 1990. You are twenty years behind. I would suggest you first grab a newspaper and discover who the President isĀ  (you should be pleasantly surprised), then download iTunes by clicking the button below.

Leave Interrupted

July 25, 2008

Well, sometimes the timing of things are uncanny. This past Wednesday I received a call that my mother had another TIA or mini-stroke. She has had these episodes where a side of her body becomes paralyzed and her speech becomes slurred. On Wednesday, she was rushed to Middlesex clinic and then brought to Middlesex hospital where she underwent some tests to determine what was wrong with her. She has been in the hospital since Wednesday. I took Guffman and arrived in Clinton to take care of her dog Cornelia and visit her in the hospital which is about 20 miles away from her home.

After a series of tests, she plans on being discharged tomorrow (Saturday morning). It is still inconclusive as the what the episodes were caused by. My mom is a diabetic and had not been following a proper meal schedule, so these episodes could have been hypoglycemic events, which can mimic TIA’s.

She has met with a nutritionist, a diabetic educator, a doctor, a neurologist. She even had an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). They found she had no blockage in her arteries in her neck (common reason for TIAs), but did find a Cerebellar Infarct which is a small area in the cerebellum part of the brain that is dead tissue. This is not an acute problem, but chronic and it cannot be treated but has been determined is not the reason for the episodes she has been experiencing.

She feels fine now and is eager to get back home to her baby (Cornelia, her dog). I am planning on picking her up tomorrow and then eventually returning to Provincetown.

Will keep everyone posted on her health.