Working with Jane Lynch

May 26, 2012

So last Monday, May 21st were the 2012 Fifi Awards, the Fragrance industry’s Oscars. They hired Jane Lynch to host the award show at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tulley Hall. My good friend and comedian/writer Chris Doucette and I were hired and teamed together to write the opening monologue and wrap-up bits for Jane. It was a great time. Jane is a wonderful professional to work with. Her opening monologue was well received with two applause breaks after our punch lines. In fact, a lot of our jokes made it to the press. The evenings celebrity presenters, which included Martha Stewart, Josh Groban, Chaka Khan, and Nicole Richie complimented Jane on how funny she was in her opening. I guess we did our job!

A few photos here show us backstage where we reviewed what Chris and I tweaked to reflect events of the night, and worked on some wording with Jane. A great collaborative effort.

We hope to get another chance to work with Jane. We love her style and energy on the screen. I think we’d make a great team. 🙂

Revising script with Jane, backstage of Alice Tulley Hall

Jane cracking up at our proposed joke for the wrap up monologue. We didn’t use it. (Too risqué).

Performing at the Risk show at the Pit Theatre

April 24, 2012

William on Karith Foster’s America’s Girlfriend – July 28th!

August 3, 2010

Hilarious show last week on Karith Foster’s America’s Girlfriend. We talk about a crappy toothbrush, a man with record length ear hair and one of Michael Jackson’s illegitimate children walks into a webshow.

Click here to view the showcast on Shovio!

Photos from last night’s Comedy Covo! July 25th

July 26, 2010

Me, Karith and Sean pose for the group shot. Claudia and Joe had to leave early (we were not excluding them!)

Here are some photos from Comedy Covo’s show last night. Hilarious line-up included Joe Devito, Sean Crespo, Claudia Cogan and Karith Foster. Our next show will be on Sunday, September 26th at 7:30pm (taking a break in August). We’ll have a whole new line-up. For up to date info on Comedy Covo go to its webpage.

Joe kicks things off with a killer set

Sean doing his thing. And his thing was being funny.

Claudia rocking the Harlem crowd. Yes. She rocked it.

Karith was amazing and doesn't live too far from the venue!

Girls' night out at Comedy Covo. They were there for last month too. We have a fan base!

These two laughed the most. A great end to their weekend!

Karith Foster’s America’s Girlfriend – June 22

July 1, 2010

In case you missed it. I was Karith’s guest comedian on America’s Girlfriend last week and we chatted with our friend and comedian colleague Karen Bergreen about her new book Following Polly!  It was a hilarious show. Click on this link to open up the video podcast!

By the way – buy her book. Great read – you can’t put it down.

Photos from Last Night’s Comedy Covo – June 27th

June 28, 2010

Ray Devito, Me (William Mullin), Chris Doucette, Blanca Dominguez, and Maureen Langan

Had a great show last night. Standing room only again at Comedy Covo. The comics were amazing and the music kicked it! Below are some photos from the show. Next show is Sunday, July 25th at 7:30pm with headliner Karith Foster, joined by Claudia Cogan, Elon James, and Carolyn Castiglia. See you then!

Chris opens and gets the crowd energized!

Blanca performing at a packed Covo last night. Bringing some Dominican humor to the hood!

Headliner Maureen Langan had the audience applauding after every punch line.

Ray making some requests of DJ VA SLIM before the show.

Maureen showing me the love!

The Gay-Straight Alliance of Devito and Doucette

Blanca holding court after the show.

Cousins DJ VA SLIM and Allison Castillo enjoy the music and merriment.

The great staff of Covo posing between drink making! Thanks guys!

I play a drunk in this play. Boy, this is gonna be hard.

May 25, 2010

A short play by playwright George Bistransin called In Sickness and In Health is featured in a night of plays dealing with modern gay issues. Taking Issues takes place at the The Center on Friday, June 11th and Saturday, June 12th. Tickets are available. Reserve now. You won’t want to miss this. Of course, seeing me after a few cosmos at Therapy is like the same thing.